Services We Offer

Mechanical Operation & Maintenance Manuals

Our 3-step system for perfect O&M manuals

  1. You provide us with the materials we require.
  2. We write the Maintenance, Operations and Descriptions sections, add IOM manuals, and assemble everything into binders and/or burn disks according to the specifications.
  3. You deliver amazing manuals to your client.

It’s just that easy! Plus:

  • We only do manuals, so you know your job will get the focus and expertise it deserves.
  • We create precise and accurate manuals based on the architect’s and engineer’s specifications.
  • We will produce what is required: printed or digital, post-expansion or vinyl binders, one volume or five.
  • We can save you money by doing it right the first time.

Electronic Versions of O&M Manuals

Electronic versions of the O&M manuals are available. Drawings, manufacturers’ literature, certificates and other specialist data can all be included. These electronic manuals, once created, provide replicas of the paper documents in an easily stored format. For ease of use, the familiarity, structure and layout of the paper document is retained.

Our digital O&M manuals typically conform to our guidelines and/or to the client’s own specification and templates, where provided. They are created in a multi-page Adobe Acrobat PDF format with all associated documents referenced and linked.

The electronic version is indexed and cross-linked between documents enabling the user to access all the related information particular to a piece of equipment, such as the relevant drawings, manufacturer data sheets, health and safety information or even relevant web sites.

Why waste your own valuable time combing through specs, gathering the information you need and tying up your company’s person-power to “reinvent the wheel”?

New Dawn Manuals Ltd. has extensive databases of IOM manuals, start-up and shut-down procedures and maintenance guidelines for almost any piece of equipment you can name. And if we don’t have it, we can find it or create it!

Required Operation & Maintenance Manuals Information

The following information is normally required to complete Operation & Maintenance Manuals:

  1. All stamped approved shop drawings.
  2. A copy of the complete specifications.
  3. A copy of all mechanical drawings.
  4. Lists of all sub-contractors and suppliers.
  5. Copies of test reports, valve tag directories, balance reports, etc., if required by the specifications. If these are not available at the time of manual preparation we will leave space and inserts for each of these items.
  6. If there are areas that are not part of your contract, such as Fire Protection or Controls, please let us know. (These may be contracted directly to the general contractor or the owner but may require space to be left for them in the manual.)